Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced tyres result in vibrations which give a rough ride as well as premature
wearing of tyres, suspension and steering components. Correctly balanced wheels, done at one of our Yana Tyre Centres will give you a smooth ride and ensure that your vehicle’s tyres wear evenly under the correct inflation pressures.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is crucial to prolonging the life of your tyres as well as providing for easy steering and improved braking and control. All Yana Tyre Centres have the latest in wheel alignment technology and ensure that the specifications crucial to the alignment of your vehicle are regularly updated – the key to correct alignment.

Wheel Fitting

We offer several quality tyre brands and sizes for purchase at each of our service centres. For important safety reasons, these must be fitted on your vehicle correctly. Our qualified mechanics will ensure that this is done correctly.

General Service

Regular vehicle maintenance is important to the longevity of your car. At each of our Yana Tyre Centres, we offer general service for a wide range of vehicles. This includes inspections of the battery, engines, powertrain, fuel, braking system and ignition.


Regular diagnostic tests for your vehicle can help to quickly detect problems before they require expensive repairs, or worse, leave you stranded on the side of the road after a breakdown. Our service centres use modern technology to provide accurate diagnostics.

Battery Replacement

Your car battery is the most important of the electrical parts in your vehicle. Without one, your car won’t start.Bring your vehicle for a battery check if you suspect that yours may be losing its spark. Our centres also stock quality batteries should you need a replacement.

Other products

Bosch Filters, Plugs and Wipers

To complement Yana Tyre Centre’s quest for 100 % customer satisfaction we have partnered with Bosch to supply all our service parts. Robert Bosch first started his business in 1886 with some groundbreaking developments and ever since then has been a leader in the development of automotive technology providing quality products at affordable prices all backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Shocks and Springs

At all Yana Tyre Centres, we stock a full range of shocks and springs from Robs Magic – the leading suspension specialists in Kenya. The shocks and springs come in a variety of different brands to suit your pocket and driving conditions. Your vehicle’s suspension is an important part of keeping you safely on the road through improved road handling as well as prolonging the life of your tyres.


We have a full range of batteries in both standard and maintenance-free suitable for all makes and types of vehicles. We offer a selection of either Chloride Exide or Turbo batteries each coming with a 12-month manufacturers warranty.